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Introducing Elephant Walk Chilli Sauces


Our Zama Zama Chilli Sauce is the first of the range of 6 chilli sauces to be developed under the Elephant Crossing brand.

Zama Zama Chili sauce is not just any ordinary hot sauce you find in the shop. It has a special story behind it, just as fiery as the sauce itself. It comes from people who used to work in dangerous mines but decided to change their lives. Zama Zama Chili represents their journey from the dark mines to the lush fields. The name ‘Zama Zama’ means ‘those who take a chance’ in our local language, and it now has a positive meaning.

This sauce combines the flavors and spirit of South Africa. It has a rich history and a mix of different tastes that make your taste buds dance. Zama Zama Chili is not just a sauce, it’s a symbol of hope. It’s made with hard work and love by people who left their dangerous past behind and started farming and running their own businesses.

Come and join us as we explore the heart of Zama Zama Chili, learn about its origins, celebrate its mission.


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43 Frost Street, Braamfontein,
Johannesburg, 2001

+27 83 325 3721 – Steve

Email: info@ucangrow.africa

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