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When the earth WINS we all WIN


At WinWin Earth, our mission is to drive a lasting impact on pressing global issues.
From pioneering reforestation projects that combat climate change to innovative educational programs
shaping future leaders, our commitment to positive change knows no bounds.

Our commitment to effecting positive change extends far beyond conventional limits. Our initiative bridges the gap between wildlife and communities, forging a shared path to prosperity. Rooted in the heart of the Okavango region, we’re revolutionising the wildlife economy and addressing conflicts between humans and elephants.

Through partnerships with local farmers, we’re procuring millet at a premium price – a tribute to their efforts in fostering harmony with elephants. By preserving migration corridors and embracing sustainable practices, these farmers drive real change. We acknowledge their dedication by remunerating them for their surplus staple crop, a key ingredient in our rewilding pills.

At our core is the Ecoexist Project, fostering coexistence between elephants and local communities. We fuse science and practice, crafting strategies that work for both species. Through holistic solutions, including our Rewilding Pills and the Okavango project, WinWin Earth embodies the union of conservation, community, and innovation, creating a world where nature and humanity flourish together.

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Where the Earth
and Communities
both WIN


At WinWin Earth, we believe in the power of collective action to create a better world. Our mission is to foster positive change by empowering individuals, communities, and organisations to take meaningful steps towards a sustainable and equitable future. Regenerative farming goes beyond mere sustainability, as it rejuvenates the land, encourages biodiversity, and fosters a flourishing habitat for wildlife. Our mission revolves around the preservation and restoration of ecosystems, addressing human-wildlife conflict, and empowering communities with sustainable livelihoods.
What distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to a Price Tag that goes beyond financial measures – the immeasurable value of our planet and its diverse species. Recognising the absence of a Planet B, we dedicate ourselves to safeguarding our ecosystem for future generations. Collaborating with communities in eco-buffer zones, WinWin Earth nurtures wildlife-friendly products and narrates stories of coexistence and harmony.

WinWin Earth

Where the Earth and Communities Coexist in Harmony

Are you ready to make a difference?
Join us in nurturing a priceless future where both humans and wildlife thrive hand in hand.


Our partnership with the Okavango Craft Brewery and the esteemed local non-governmental rganisation, Ecoexist, stands as a bridge to connect these local farmers to an exciting new market. This collaboration is more than a business venture; it’s an embodiment of gratitude for their relentless commitment to sharing their space with elephants. It’s also a testament to our shared vision of a thriving, sustainable regional economy. As we convert their millet harvest into craft beer, we invite you, our cherished consumers, to be a part of this transformative journey.

Every sip becomes an act of support for both the local populace and the remarkable wildlife that graces the Okavango landscape.


Project Rhino is at the forefront of innovative and sustainable strategies to combat wildlife crime, protect rhino habitats, and promote community well-being. Together, we are dedicated to
building a Conservation Economy that benefits both wildlife and local communities. By supporting this project, we are working towards a future where rhinos not only survive but thrive, while simultaneously empowering communities and preserving our planet’s natural


This collaborative initiative focuses on restoring natural habitats, preserving biodiversity, engaging local communities, and creating a global movement for conservation. By rehabilitating ecosystems, protecting endangered species, empowering communities, and raising awareness, we aspire to build a sustainable and harmonious future for all living beings. Win Win Earth’s involvement underscores our commitment to fostering positive change and inspiring individuals and organisations worldwide to join us in safeguarding the precious balance of our natural world.


We proudly partnered with Ikhaya le Langa NPC, a non-profit organisation located in Langa, South Africa’s first planned township. This enduring partnership focuses on fostering sustainable community development and supporting Ikhaya le Langa’s initiatives guided by the philosophy that “sustainable people make sustainable communities.” Through their Langa Quarter Social Enterprise Precinct, they have successfully nurtured sustainable businesses in various sectors. This collaboration reflects our commitment to driving positive change in Langa, South Africa, by empowering its residents and promoting inclusivity and equity.


Our partnership with Project Biome, the innovation hub for global collaboration rooted in Africa, has been a dynamic journey dedicated to regenerating our planet. Together, we’ve connected ecosystems across sectors, fostering collaborative participation and co-creation of sustainable futures. Embracing the belief that water is the Earth’s lifeblood, we’ve championed a ‘root cause’ approach, restoring vast tracts of land, including desertified ecosystems. Our joint advocacy calls for innovative solutions to repurpose waste into valuable resources, powering green energy technologies and supply chains while stimulating local economies. This partnership, focused on rewilding river and ocean coastlines, underscores our unwavering commitment to a regenerative future and the transformative potential of collective action for a more sustainable world.

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