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The Coffee Shop opportunity is one that an be started with minimal financial input and is easily upscaled.
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The Beginning Phase (R5000): In the Beginning phase of the coffee shop business, entrepreneurs can start their journey by investing in large flasks that can be carried as a backpack, containing hot water for making coffee. This innovative approach allows for a mobile coffee business, where individuals can set up their operations at local taxi ranks, shopping centres, and other high-traffic areas, eliminating the need to rent a dedicated space.

The U Can Company plays a vital role in supporting these individuals by providing the necessary resources, mentorship, and guidance through the Fusion application. By granting funds to entrepreneurs at this phase, organisations contribute to creating sustainable livelihoods and fostering economic activities within communities. This phase not only showcases the commitment of the entrepreneur but also has a positive impact on the community by providing accessible coffee options and creating employment opportunities.

Starter Pack Phase (R15,000): In the Starter Pack phase, entrepreneurs can take their coffee shop business to the next level by investing in essential equipment and resources. This may include purchasing commercial-grade coffee machines, grinders, and other necessary tools to enhance the coffee preparation process.

Additionally, entrepreneurs can allocate funds towards branding and marketing efforts to establish their coffee shop’s identity and attract a growing customer base. The U Can Company continues to provide support through the Fusion application, offering mentorship and guidance to ensure the success of these budding coffee shop ventures. This phase not only enables entrepreneurs to enhance their offerings and customer experience but also generates employment opportunities within the community and contributes to local economic growth.

Micro Friendchise Phase (R49,950): In the Micro Friendchise phase, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to expand their coffee shop business through micro-commercialization. They can explore various growth avenues, such as opening multiple coffee shop locations, expanding their service offerings, and increasing their employee base. Entrepreneurs may also consider selling franchise opportunities under their brand name, allowing others to start their coffee businesses with their support and guidance. The U Can Company plays a significant role in providing training, marketing support, and strategic guidance to help entrepreneurs navigate this expansion phase successfully. This phase not only creates income-generating opportunities for the entrepreneur but also contributes to job creation and economic development within the community.

Boza Phase (R250,000): The Boza phase represents the final stage of the coffee shop business growth journey. Entrepreneurs in this phase make a substantial investment to achieve full commercialization and expand their coffee shops beyond geographical boundaries. With the support of The U Can Company, entrepreneurs receive comprehensive guidance on scaling strategies, operational efficiency, and branding assistance. This phase propels entrepreneurs into a broader market, attracting a larger customer base and generating increased revenue. The impact of the Boza phase goes beyond the entrepreneur’s success as it brings significant economic benefits to the community, including job creation, increased local spending, and overall community development.

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