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This opportunity allows entrepreneurs to establish small modular pack sheds offering services to their local farming community.
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In The Beginning phase, aspiring Packshed Livelihood Manufacturers can take their first steps towards entrepreneurship with a minimal financial contribution of R2,000. During this phase, individuals are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to the enterprise and passion for the industry. U Can Grow plays a crucial role in providing mentorship, access to financing, and essential resources, enabling entrepreneurs to establish small modular packsheds. These packsheds serve as training centres, offering quality farming inputs, track & trace systems, and harvest aggregation. This phase sets the foundation for future growth, nurturing a culture of dedication and resilience among the entrepreneurs.

After successfully completing The Beginning phase, entrepreneurs can progress to the Starter Pack phase, requiring an investment of R15,000. In this stage, U Can Grow continues to support the entrepreneurs by providing funding and guidance. Entrepreneurs can expand their packshed operations, enhancing grading, packing, and supply processes. The Starter Pack phase allows entrepreneurs to connect with off-take clients, ensuring a steady demand for their products. As entrepreneurs expand their reach and product offerings, the impact on the community becomes evident through increased job opportunities and improved access to quality agricultural products.

The Micro Friendchise phase marks a significant advancement for Packshed Livelihood Manufacturers, requiring an investment of R49,950. In this phase, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to explore micro-commercialisation strategies, including the establishment of multiple packsheds. This expansion not only enhances the entrepreneurs’ income potential but also creates various entrepreneurial opportunities within the community.

Finally, the Boza phase represents the pinnacle of success, requiring an investment of R350,000. In this full commercialisation phase, Packshed Livelihood Manufacturers expand beyond geographical boundaries, serving a broader customer base and experiencing a greater influx of demand. The packsheds become hubs of economic activity, driving transformative change within the community. U Can Grow continues to play a supportive role, providing resources and mentorship to sustain the entrepreneurs’ growth and maintain their competitive edge.

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