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Explore the artistic side of gardening with blue, gray, and green tree lichens
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Tree Lichen – Explore the artistic side of gardening with blue, gray, and green tree lichens. These unique lichens can be used for spelling, organic graphics, or creating mesmerising art pieces.

Rock Lichen – Much like tree lichen, but especially suited for rocks, walls, and other surfaces. Perfect for adding a touch of natural beauty to any landscape.

Wild Fungi (Cradle) – Embrace the power of a mix of Savannah, grassland, and forest fungi. Ideal for rejuvenating soils and promoting growth when planted next to trees, these fungi create a flourishing environment for your garden.

Grass Land Fungi (Cradle) – Packed with a mix of magic mushrooms, this blend is perfect for planting near cattle dung, zebras, or in grassy clumps. These fungi work wonders in rejuvenating the soil and creating a balanced and thriving ecosystem.

50/50 Grass land fungi cradle and Steve Micro Mix – If you have old farming fields contaminated with glycophosphates (Roundup), this mix is your saving grace. Comprising magic mushrooms of 20 varieties, this blend is fantastic for both farming and rewilding efforts, rejuvenating previously damaged areas and restoring ecological balance.

Forest – Transform your landscape into a lush woodland or forest with this delightful collection of forest mushrooms. From the enchanting lion’s tail to the revered reishi, this mix thrives in woodland environments, nurturing your garden with biodiversity

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