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Grow Azoto Nitrogen – Infuse your soil with nitrogen-fixing microbes, promoting plant growth and overall soil health. These beneficial microorganisms act as natural fertilisers, reducing the need for chemical-based alternatives.

Hydrocashe – Harness the power of activated charcoal, mycobacteria, and Guargum with this all-in-one soil conditioner. Enhance water retention and nutrient absorption for your plants, creating an ideal environment for robust growth.

Hydrocashe Aquagel (B/W pills) – Boost soil moisture retention with this non-organic soil conditioner, which holds water efficiently to support your plant’s hydration needs.

Steves Magic Mix (KNF, blochar, hydro) – Elevate your gardening game with this premium mix of inoculated biochar, five KNF (Korean Natural Farming) blends, and Guargum, enriched with essential fungi. The result is a harmonious blend that promotes optimal plant health and growth

Regen Grass Mix – Carefully selected from highveld grasses found in the Rustenburg biome, Magalis Biome, Cradle of Mankind, Spruit, Karoo, and Cape, this mix is perfect for revitalising soils and restoring indigenous vegetation. *More to be added

Super Mix – This ultimate combination of KNF mixes, activated charcoal, barcashi, aerobic and anaerobic microbes, and photosynthetic microbacteria offers an exceptional growth booster. By simply adding it to warm water and seeds, you’ll witness remarkable plant growth and health.

Activated Biocher and Aqua Gel – Take your gardening to the next level with this revolutionary combination. The Aqua Gel, a water-saving polymer, releases moisture directly to root hairs, saving up to 84% of water usage. This not only aids in the germination of seeds but also ensures climate mitigation by promoting healthy growth. When mixed with inoculated biochar, you get a brilliant formula that nurtures seeds and plants like never before.

Cradle Seeds and Aqua Gel – Sourced from the Cradle of Mankind, plot 58, this Combretum tree is truly a gem for any garden. Boasting adaptability to gulches, open savannahs, and riverine areas, this tree plays well with the White Stinkwood, forming a dynamic and harmonious pairing.

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