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Hand-collected tress from an array of pristine areas
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Cape Sage (Yellow) Fynbos (Groot Constantia) – Hand-harvested from the famous Groot Constantia estate, this Cape Sage variety is not only a wonderful insect and bird attracting perennial but also holds special spiritual applications. Its alluring fragrance and vibrant colour’s create a captivating atmosphere in any garden.

Acacia Sieberiana – Hand-collected from the pristine areas between the B&W Umfolozi Rivers, these Acacia Sieberiana seeds are more than just a gardening choice; they are a powerful tool for rhino rehabilitation and erosion control. As a flat-topped classical thorn tree, they thrive in various environments, making them perfect for creating erosion mini forests and restoring damaged landscapes.

White Stinkwood pills – These White Stinkwood pills offer an excellent solution for home gardeners looking to grow hardwood riverine trees effortlessly. Known for their good germination rates and fast growth, these trees make a striking addition to any landscape. While they lose leaves in winter, their year-round beauty and benefits far outweigh the seasonal change.

Wild Cape Fig – Enhance your garden with the Wild Cape Fig, an excellent choice for attracting birds and providing ample shade. Thriving in rocky areas, this resilient tree can withstand diverse conditions while requiring protection from strong winds.

Rewilding Acacia Sebesana – By introducing Acacia Sieberiana grown at the cradle of mankind, you contribute to rewilding efforts and support the restoration of natural ecosystems.

White Stinkwood with full mixture – Cabon, Fungi, Bie Carbon, Fungi, Bie: Elevate the potential of your White Stinkwood by pairing it with the Super Mix, maximizing its growth and vitality.

Wild Cape Rosemary (Groot Constantia) – Discover the wonders of the Wild Cape Rosemary, a plant that not only produces fine essential oils but also adds a delightful tinge to any landscape. Its presence enriches the fynbos biome, contributing to biodiversity.

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