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An enterprise for the technically minded, Appliance Repair starts with little to no financial contribution.
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In The Beginning phase, entrepreneurs in the Appliance Repair enterprise can get started with little to no financial contribution. They are required to demonstrate commitment to their enterprise, utilising their existing skills and knowledge to carry out basic repairs and servicing of appliances. Through mentorship and support, The U Can Company equips these entrepreneurs with essential resources to enhance their repair capabilities, such as learning guides provided on our Fusion application. During this phase, entrepreneurs gain valuable hands-on experience and develop a reputation within their local communities. The impact is twofold: entrepreneurs gain confidence and valuable skills, and the community benefits from accessible and affordable appliance repair services.

Upon successfully completing The Beginning phase, entrepreneurs progress to the Starter Pack phase that requires an investment of R1000. Here, U Can Company plays a crucial role in providing support, which entrepreneurs can utilise to acquire advanced repair tools and equipment. Additionally, we offer resources to relevant training programs to improve their technical skills and business acumen. Our Fusion application further provides access to the entrepreneur to an ecosystem of like-minded individuals and established companies. This phase empowers entrepreneurs to broaden their service offerings and cater to a wider customer base, thereby increasing their income. The community benefits from reliable and professional appliance repair services, promoting convenience and reducing waste by extending the life of household appliances.

The Micro Friendchise phase marks a significant expansion for Appliance Repair entrepreneurs with an investment of R49,950. The U Can Company collaborates with entrepreneurs to explore micro-commercialisation strategies, enabling them to open multiple repair outlets and hire additional technicians. Moreover, entrepreneurs can consider selling franchise opportunities to others who wish to start businesses under their brand name. This phase unlocks limitless growth potential, leading to job creation and economic growth within the community.

Finally, the Boza phase represents the peak of commercialization, requiring an investment of R250,000. Entrepreneurs in this phase witness their Appliance Repair businesses expanding beyond geographical boundaries, attracting a greater influx of customers. U Can Company continues to support entrepreneurs by providing resources, mentorship, and access to funding options. As the business thrives, entrepreneurs become industry leaders, and their success positively impacts the community through job opportunities and improved household appliance services.

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