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This opportunity allows the entrepreneur to start small hiring tools etc to people in their community. Minimal financial input.
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In The Beginning phase, entrepreneurs can start their Basic Tools and Toolbox Hiring businesses with minimal financial contribution. This phase primarily focuses on demonstrating commitment and dedication to the enterprise. Entrepreneurs leverage their existing resources and skills to offer basic tool rentals and toolbox services to the local community. U Can Company provide guidance, and access to essential resources, empowering entrepreneurs to establish a solid foundation for their business. By fostering self-reliance and resourcefulness, this phase helps entrepreneurs become self-sustaining and nurtures a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Upon successfully completing The Beginning phase, entrepreneurs progress to the Starter Pack phase with an investment of R10,000. During this phase, U Can Company play’s a pivotal role in providing financial support to entrepreneurs, which they can utilise to expand their inventory of tools and toolboxes for hire. Entrepreneurs also receive training and mentorship to enhance their business management skills. The Starter Pack phase enables entrepreneurs to offer a wider range of tools and toolboxes for hire, attracting more customers and generating increased revenue. This expansion creates job opportunities within the community and facilitates access to essential tools for individuals, ultimately fostering economic growth and empowerment.

The Micro Friendchise phase represents a significant milestone in the Basic Tools and Toolbox Hiring industry. With an investment of R49,950, entrepreneurs explore micro-commercialisation strategies to scale their businesses. This phase offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to open multiple stores or branches, expanding their reach and service offerings. Entrepreneurs can also explore the option of selling franchise opportunities, allowing others to start businesses under their trusted brand name. The limitless growth potential of the Micro Friendchise phase not only benefits entrepreneurs but also stimulates local economies by creating employment opportunities and providing essential tools for various industries and community members.

Finally, the Boza phase signifies full commercialisation and expansion beyond geographical boundaries. This phase requires an investment of R250,000 and propels the Basic Tools and Toolbox Hiring businesses to new heights. With increased brand recognition and customer influx, entrepreneurs establish themselves as leaders in the industry. U Can Company continues to provide support by offering resources, mentorship, and access to funding options. The impact of the Boza phase is far-reaching, driving economic growth, job creation, and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship within communities.

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