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This opportunity is for the budding entrepreneur with an interest in supplying beauty services.
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The Beauty Services enterprise embarks on its journey with The Beginning phase, which requires a modest financial contribution of R2,000. In this phase, individuals demonstrate their commitment to the business by honing their skills and building a solid foundation in beauty services.

The U Can Company plays a vital role in providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary support, guidance, and tools to kickstart their beauty services venture. This phase has a significant impact on both the entrepreneur and the community. By investing in The Beginning phase, organisations contribute to the development of individuals’ beauty skills, empowering them to provide quality beauty services and boost self-esteem within the community. Furthermore, this phase encourages entrepreneurship and stimulates economic activities within the beauty industry, leading to increased job opportunities and enhanced well-being.

Upon successful completion of The Beginning phase, entrepreneurs can progress to the self-subsidised Starter Pack phase, which requires an investment of R15,000. In this phase, entrepreneurs are equipped with essential resources and equipment to enhance their beauty services business. The U Can Company provides support in setting up a beauty salon or spa, acquiring high-quality beauty products, and developing effective marketing strategies. Entrepreneurs receive mentorship on client management, service quality, and business operations. The Starter Pack phase allows entrepreneurs to expand their range of beauty services, attract a wider customer base, and generate sustainable income. By investing in the Starter Pack phase, organisations contribute to the growth of the beauty industry, empower individuals to become skilled beauty professionals, and enhance the community’s well-being through access to quality beauty services.

The Beauty Services Micro Friendchise phase, available at an investment cost of R49,950, provides entrepreneurs with a comprehensive business box to explore micro commercialisation opportunities. During this phase, entrepreneurs can expand their beauty services by opening multiple salon branches, introducing new service offerings, or selling franchise opportunities to others who aspire to start their beauty businesses under the U Can Company brand. The U Can Company plays a vital role in providing entrepreneurs with the necessary resources, training, and ongoing support to establish and grow their micro beauty enterprises. This phase not only creates employment opportunities but also contributes to the overall well-being and confidence of individuals within the community. By investing in the Micro Friendchise phase, organisations support the growth of the beauty industry, encourage entrepreneurship, and foster a culture of self-care and empowerment within the community.

The Boza phase represents the pinnacle of the Beauty Services enterprise, symbolising full commercialisation and expansion beyond geographical boundaries. This phase requires a substantial investment of R250,000 or more. Entrepreneurs in the Boza phase have the opportunity to establish a prominent beauty brand, invest in state-of-the-art equipment, and implement robust marketing strategies. The U Can Company provides entrepreneurs with expertise in scaling up their beauty services, streamlining operations, and expanding their customer base. The Boza phase brings significant benefits to the entrepreneur, including increased revenue generation, wider recognition, and the ability to make a positive impact on beauty standards within the community. By investing in the Boza phase, organisations contribute to the growth of the beauty industry, empower entrepreneurs to create transformative beauty experiences, and support the overall well-being and confidence of individuals within the community.

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