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The Black Soldier Fly opportunity creates a business supplying chicken farmers with a high protein feed.
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In the Black Soldier Fly Farming Beginning phase, entrepreneurs can embark on their journey without any financial investment. This phase serves as a trial run, allowing farmers to gain experience in breeding and rearing black soldier fly larvae to produce protein-rich feed. By venturing into this sustainable farming practice, entrepreneurs contribute to reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions, while simultaneously producing valuable resources for animal feed. The Beginning phase provides an opportunity for farmers to refine their techniques and troubleshoot any challenges that may arise. The U Can Company supports entrepreneurs in this phase by providing mentorship, guidance, and access to necessary resources. By investing in the Beginning phase, organisations contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation, and the empowerment of farmers in underserved communities.

Upon successful completion of the Beginning phase, entrepreneurs progress to the self-subsidised Starter Pack phase. This phase includes the necessary equipment to breed and rear black soldier fly larvae, enabling entrepreneurs to produce protein-rich feed for animals or use it as a raw material. By investing in the Starter Pack phase, organisations support entrepreneurs in producing small quantities of high-quality feed or raw materials. This level of operation contributes to the establishment of a local supply chain for sustainable animal feed and reinforces the circular economy. The Starter Pack phase empowers farmers to generate income and meet the growing demand for sustainable agricultural products. The U Can Company provides essential training, technical assistance, and networking opportunities to ensure the success of entrepreneurs in this phase.

The Micro Franchise phase offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their black soldier fly farming operation on a micro scale. With a cost of R49,950, the Micro Franchise business box provides resources for manufacturing black soldier fly larvae and producing protein-rich feed or raw materials. Entrepreneurs in this phase can meet local demand or even generate income through sales. By investing in the Micro Franchise phase, organisations contribute to the creation of employment opportunities and the development of sustainable farming practices. The U Can Company supports entrepreneurs with marketing strategies, business development, and access to broader markets. This phase allows entrepreneurs to establish a small-scale business and make a significant impact on local food production, waste management, and community empowerment.

The Boza phase represents the pinnacle of the Black Soldier Fly Farming enterprise, enabling entrepreneurs to achieve full commercialisation. With an investment of up to R250,000 or more, farmers can expand their operation and acquire large-scale black soldier fly farming equipment. This phase equips entrepreneurs with the capacity to produce protein-rich feed or raw materials for commercial purposes. By investing in the Boza phase, organisations contribute to the growth of the sustainable agriculture sector, job creation, and the reduction of waste. The commercialisation of black soldier fly farming on a macro scale not only strengthens the local economy but also fosters environmental sustainability. The U Can Company provides ongoing support, market linkages, and technical expertise to ensure the success of entrepreneurs in this phase.

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