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This opportunity enables an entrepreneur to start a brick making business at minimal cost.
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In The Beginning phase, entrepreneurs can embark on their journey towards a Brick Making Enterprise with minimal financial contribution, starting at R1000. This phase focuses on building commitment and dedication among individuals who demonstrate a passion for the brick-making business. Self sustenance is an important factor in this phase. U Can Company plays a crucial role in providing support, and mentorship to equip entrepreneurs with the skills and resources required to kickstart their businesses. By investing in The Beginning phase, organisations contribute to the empowerment of individuals and lay the foundation for their entrepreneurial success in the brick-making industry.

Once entrepreneurs have demonstrated their commitment and acquired the necessary skills, they can progress to the Starter Pack phase, which requires an investment of R10,000. U Can Company continues to play an essential role in providing guidance and support during this phase. Entrepreneurs will receive assistance in securing financing, accessing vital resources, and implementing effective business strategies. This phase enables entrepreneurs to establish a solid footing in the brick-making industry, creating job opportunities and driving economic growth within their communities.

The Micro Friendchise phase represents a significant milestone in the growth of the Brick Making Enterprise. With an investment of R49,950, entrepreneurs can explore micro-commercialization strategies such as expanding their operations, increasing their production capacity, or offering additional services. This phase also opens doors for entrepreneurs to sell franchise opportunities, allowing others to start their own brick-making businesses under their established brand. The expansion possibilities in this phase are limitless, leading to increased employment, improved infrastructure, and a positive economic ripple effect within the community.

The final stage, Boza, signifies full commercialization and expansion beyond geographical boundaries for the Brick Making Enterprise. With an investment of R250,000, entrepreneurs can scale their business operations and attract a greater influx of customers. U Can Company remains a valuable partner, providing ongoing support to ensure sustained growth and success. By investing in the Boza phase, organisations contribute to the economic development of communities, create job opportunities, and foster a thriving ecosystem of support and collaboration.

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