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This opportunity offers the entrepreneur a chance to succeed in a Catering Business with minimal financial input
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The Beginning Phase (R2000): The Beginning phase of the Catering Services business offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own catering venture with minimal financial investment. By demonstrating commitment and passion for the business, individuals can enter this phase and embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

The U Can Company plays a crucial role in providing support and resources through mentorship and the Fusion application, equipping entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and tools to kickstart their catering services. The low entry cost allows individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and create sustainable livelihoods. By granting funds to entrepreneurs in subsequent phases, organisations contribute to fostering economic activities within communities and empowering individuals to uplift themselves and their families. The impact of the Beginning phase extends beyond the entrepreneur, as the catering services provided contribute to community events, celebrations, and gatherings, enhancing social cohesion and local economic development.

Starter Pack Phase (R15000): In the Starter Pack phase, entrepreneurs in the Catering Services business can expand their operations and enhance their service offerings. With the support of The U Can Company, entrepreneurs can invest in upgrading their cooking equipment, purchasing necessary utensils and supplies, and improving their branding and marketing efforts. This phase allows entrepreneurs to cater to larger events, collaborate with local organisations, and establish relationships with potential clients. The U Can Company’s mentorship and the Fusion application continue to guide entrepreneurs, providing them with valuable insights and expertise to navigate this growth phase successfully.

By granting funds in the Starter Pack phase, organisations contribute to the economic empowerment of entrepreneurs and the creation of job opportunities within the catering industry. The impact extends to the community, as these businesses provide delicious food and catering services for various events, supporting local celebrations, and creating memorable experiences.

Micro Friendchise Phase (R49,950): In the Micro Friendchise phase, entrepreneurs in the Catering Services business have the opportunity to explore micro commercialisation and expand their reach. They can open multiple branches or extend their service offerings, such as providing customized menus, themed catering options, or specialized cuisine. Entrepreneurs may also consider offering franchise opportunities to individuals interested in starting a catering business under their established brand. The U Can Company plays a pivotal role in providing comprehensive support, including training, branding, operational guidance, and marketing strategies, to ensure the success of these micro friendchise ventures. The impact of this phase goes beyond the financial success of the entrepreneur, as it generates employment opportunities, supports local suppliers and producers, and contributes to the vibrancy of the catering industry within the community.

Boza Phase (R250,000): The Boza phase represents the pinnacle of success in the Catering Services business. Entrepreneurs in this phase make significant investments to achieve full commercialisation and expand their catering operations beyond geographical boundaries. With the support of The U Can Company, entrepreneurs receive strategic guidance on scaling their operations, improving their kitchen infrastructure, diversifying their services, and exploring innovative catering concepts. This phase allows entrepreneurs to attract high-profile clients, cater to larger events and functions, and create a distinct brand identity. The impact of the Boza phase extends beyond the entrepreneur’s success, as it creates employment opportunities, stimulates the local economy through increased demand for food supplies, and establishes the catering business as a key player in the broader food industry. By granting funds in this phase, organisations contribute to fostering economic growth, job creation, and culinary excellence within the community.

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