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Improving food security within communities through Reel Gardening’s innovative Food Security program.
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In the Food Security business, the journey begins with The Beginning phase, where individuals from poor and low-income backgrounds can embark on their path to entrepreneurship. U Can Company plays a vital role in this phase by providing support, tools, and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs. With a minimal cost investment of R650, individuals demonstrate their commitment to the enterprise. The focus is on improving food security within their communities through Reel Gardening’s innovative Food Security program. By connecting families with 12 packets of seeds, one for each month, they can grow their own vegetables year-round, leading to savings of up to R15,000 annually. This phase has a profound impact on both the entrepreneur and the community, fostering self-reliance, enhancing nutrition, and empowering individuals to become catalysts for change.

After successfully completing The Beginning phase, entrepreneurs in the Food Security business progress to the Starter Pack phase, where U Can Company provides further support to help them scale their initiatives. With an investment of R1000, entrepreneurs gain access to essential resources and tools required for sustainable food production. Reel Gardening’s Food Security program offers not only seeds but also guidance on soil quality and protection against potential challenges like floods. The Starter Pack phase enables entrepreneurs to expand their impact by connecting with PackSheds and other home gardens, fostering a supportive community of mutual learning and growth. By investing in this phase, organisations contribute to the empowerment of entrepreneurs, enhance food security within communities, and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

As entrepreneurs in the Food Security business progress to the Micro Friendchise phase, they explore opportunities for micro-commercialization, expanding their impact even further. U Can Company collaborates with entrepreneurs, offering guidance, resources, and support to establish multiple Food Security initiatives. With a cost investment of R49,950, entrepreneurs can open additional PackSheds or home gardens, increasing their service offerings and reaching a larger audience. This phase creates a thriving ecosystem of interconnected Food Security initiatives, where entrepreneurs not only generate sustainable income but also promote food security, nutrition, and community development. The Microfriendchise phase has a ripple effect, enabling individuals to grow and support other entrepreneurs, fostering economic activities within communities.

In the final phase of the Food Security business’s growth journey, known as Boza, entrepreneurs achieve full commercialization and expand their initiatives beyond geographical boundaries. U Can Company facilitates this expansion by providing advanced resources, strategic guidance, and market access. With an investment of R250,000, entrepreneurs can establish a widespread network of PackSheds and home gardens, ensuring access to fresh, nutritious food for communities across various regions. The Boza phase brings substantial economic growth to the entrepreneurs and the communities they serve, while also addressing food insecurity on a larger scale. By investing in this phase, organisations contribute to the development of a sustainable food ecosystem, fostering economic activities, and creating a lasting impact on livelihoods.

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