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Opportunity for the entrepreneur to supply internet access in their community at a minimal initial expense
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The Beginning Phase (R1000): The Beginning phase of the Internet Cafe business involves setting up a basic infrastructure to provide internet access to the community. Entrepreneurs can start with a small space, a few computers, and an internet connection. The U Can Company plays a crucial role in supporting these entrepreneurs by providing mentorship, guidance, and access to The U Can Company Fusion application, which offers valuable resources and tools to run the business effectively. The low financial entry barrier allows individuals to demonstrate their commitment and entrepreneurial drive.

By granting funds to entrepreneurs in subsequent phases, organisations contribute to the creation of sustainable livelihoods and economic activities within communities. This phase not only empowers the entrepreneur but also has a positive impact on the community by providing access to information, digital literacy, and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Starter Pack Phase (R15000): In the Starter Pack phase, entrepreneurs can enhance their Internet Cafe business by expanding the scope and services offered. This may include acquiring additional computers, improving the internet speed and infrastructure, and creating a comfortable and inviting space for customers. Entrepreneurs can also invest in marketing and promotion to attract a wider customer base. The U Can Company continues to provide support through mentorship and the Fusion application, enabling entrepreneurs to navigate this growth phase successfully.

The Starter Pack phase not only generates income for the entrepreneur but also creates job opportunities within the community. It enhances digital connectivity, fosters information sharing, and contributes to bridging the digital divide, thereby empowering individuals and promoting economic growth.

Micro Friendchise Phase (R49,950): In the Micro Friendchise phase, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to explore micro commercialisation of their Internet Cafe business. They can expand their operations by opening multiple branches, collaborating with local organisations or schools, and offering additional services such as computer training or technical support. Entrepreneurs may also consider selling franchise opportunities to individuals interested in starting an Internet Cafe under their established brand. The U Can Company provides comprehensive support in terms of training, branding, marketing strategies, and operational guidance to ensure the success of these micro friendchise ventures. This phase not only generates income and employment opportunities for the entrepreneur but also strengthens digital infrastructure within the community, promotes digital inclusion, and enhances access to educational resources and online services.

Boza Phase (R250,000): The Boza phase marks the final stage of the Internet Cafe business growth journey. Entrepreneurs in this phase make significant investments to achieve full commercialisation and expand their Internet Cafe beyond geographical boundaries. With the support of The U Can Company, entrepreneurs receive strategic guidance on scaling their operations, implementing advanced technologies, and diversifying their services. This phase allows entrepreneurs to attract a larger customer base, offer a wider range of digital services, and generate substantial revenue. The impact of the Boza phase extends beyond the entrepreneur’s success and contributes to the community by providing an inclusive digital hub, fostering digital literacy, and creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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