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Entrepreneurial individuals can purchase desired items at minimal cost and sell these goods within their community.
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In the Mobile Shop business’s initial phase, aspiring entrepreneurs can start their enterprise with minimal financial investment. By identifying demanded products through market scanning, individuals can purchase and sell these goods within their community. They can establish a mobile shop by walking and offering their products. U Can Company’s role is to provide support, tools, and mentorship to these entrepreneurs, enabling them to kickstart their business. The cost to begin this phase is R650, which covers the initial inventory and setup expenses. The impact of the Beginning phase extends beyond the entrepreneur, as it fosters economic activities within the community, creates access to essential goods, and contributes to the livelihoods of both the entrepreneur and the local population.

Phase 2: Starter Pack

Once entrepreneurs have shown commitment and progressed from the Beginning phase, they enter the Starter Pack phase in the Mobile Shop business. U Can Company continues to provide support and resources to assist entrepreneurs in scaling their operations. In this phase, entrepreneurs can invest R2,000 to upgrade their mobile shop by acquiring a trolley, enabling easier transportation and storage of products. This investment helps entrepreneurs expand their customer reach and increase their sales potential. The Starter Pack phase propels the entrepreneur towards a more efficient and professional mobile shop setup, fostering growth, and enhancing their ability to meet the demands of the community. By supporting entrepreneurs in this phase, organisations contribute to the creation of sustainable livelihoods and economic development within the community.

Phase 3: Micro Friendchise

The Micro Friendchise phase in the Mobile Shop business provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to explore micro-commercialization and expand their business’s impact. In this phase, entrepreneurs can further expand their mobile shop operations by investing in an electrical mini trike. U Can Company collaborates closely with entrepreneurs, providing guidance and resources to establish a network of mobile shops and distribution channels. The investment required for this phase is R49,950, which covers the cost of the electrical mini trike and additional equipment. By investing in the Micro Friendchise phase, entrepreneurs can open multiple stores, increase service offerings, and potentially sell franchise opportunities to others. This phase has a significant impact on the entrepreneur’s income potential and creates employment opportunities within the community. By supporting entrepreneurs in the Micro Friendchise phase, organisations contribute to the growth of a sustainable mobile shop network, fostering economic activities and creating a supportive ecosystem where individuals support and uplift one another.

Phase 4: Boza

The Boza phase marks the final stage of the Mobile Shop business’s growth journey, where it achieves full commercialization and expands its impact beyond geographical boundaries. U Can Company provides advanced resources, strategic guidance, and market access to entrepreneurs in this phase. With an investment of R250,000, entrepreneurs can purchase a truck and transform it into a mobile shop, reaching a larger customer base and expanding their service area. This phase enables entrepreneurs to increase their sales volume, cater to a wider range of customer needs, and solidify their presence in the market. The Boza phase not only drives the economic success of the entrepreneur but also positively impacts the community. By offering a mobile shop with a greater variety of products and enhanced accessibility, the business contributes to the convenience and well-being of the community. By investing in the Boza phase, organisations contribute to the development of a comprehensive mobile shop ecosystem, fostering economic growth, improving access to essential goods, and creating a sustainable and prosperous future for both the entrepreneurs and the community at large.

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