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Starting small the entrepreneur can start a nursery to supply community gardens. Minimal initial financial input needed.
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Individuals can explore entrepreneurship by starting their own nurseries at the The Beginning phase of the nursery business. By offering assistance, resources, and tools to ambitious business owners, U Can Company plays a crucial part in this stage. Entrepreneurs are not required to make any financial investments at the Beginning phase, but they must demonstrate their dedication to the business. This stage focuses on raising and marketing seedlings to give farmers a better chance of success and shorter time to market. Farmers can boost their profits over longer time periods by delivering strong and healthy seedlings. This stage not only enables entrepreneurs to launch their businesses with little restrictions, but it also helps local farmers thrive economically.

Entrepreneurs in the nursery industry move on to the Starter Pack phase after successfully completing The Beginning, where U Can Company offers additional assistance to help them expand their nursery operations. Entrepreneurs that invest R6,000 have access to the necessary materials and equipment for larger-scale seedling production. Materials, labour, and equipment required for effective nursery management are acquired at this period. Entrepreneurs can grow their customer base, boost their manufacturing capacity, and produce a steady income throughout the Starter Pack phase. By making investments in this stage, organisations assist the growth of a strong nursery ecosystem, providing farmers with wholesome seedlings and enhancing local agricultural productivity.

Entrepreneurs in the nursery industry investigate micro-commercialization during the micro-friendchise phase and broaden their effect by building more nurseries or collaborating with nearby farmers and enterprises. U Can Company works closely with business owners to build a network of nurseries and distribution channels by offering advice, resources, and assistance. Entrepreneurs can expand their infrastructure, enhance nursery operations, and broaden their service offerings for a total investment of R49,950. This stage not only increases the earning potential of the business owners but also generates employment opportunities and stimulates local economic development. Organisations that invest in the Micro Friendchise phase assist the growth of a sustainable nursery network, promote agricultural development, and build a dynamic community where people help and support one another.

he Boza phase, which occurs at the end of the Nursery business’s growth path, is when it fully commercialises and broadens the scope of its influence. U Can Company assists business owners throughout this stage by giving them access to advanced resources, strategic advice, and market access. Entrepreneurs can build a network of nurseries and expand their customer base with an R250,000 investment. This stage not only enables business owners to expand their operations but also has a big impact on the neighbourhood. The Nursery company helps farmers increase their yields, increase food security, and provide a sustainable source of income by extending the growing season of connected gardens to at least 9 months. By investing in the Boza phase, organisations contribute to the development of a comprehensive nursery ecosystem, positively impacting the lives of entrepreneurs, farmers, and the wider community. This phase fosters economic growth, enhances agricultural productivity, and creates an ecosystem where individuals support and grow one another.

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