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The plastic collection enterprise encourages responsible waste management practices in the community while providing an income
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In the Plastic Recycling Beginning phase, entrepreneurs can start their journey at no cost. U Can Company provides waste pick-up solutions and recycling bags to households, encouraging them to separate their plastic waste. This phase establishes the foundation for a sustainable recycling ecosystem by promoting responsible waste management practices within the community. By investing in the Beginning phase, organisations contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution, the conservation of natural resources, and the creation of a cleaner environment. This phase sets the stage for entrepreneurs to take the first steps towards building a plastic recycling business and making a positive impact on both the entrepreneur and the community.

Upon successfully implementing the Beginning phase, entrepreneurs progress to the Starter Pack phase with an investment of R15,000. U Can Company supports entrepreneurs by providing the necessary equipment to transform collected plastic waste into secondary products. This phase enables entrepreneurs to manufacture benches, tables, and other innovative products from recycled plastic. By investing in the Starter Pack phase, organisations contribute to the promotion of circular economy principles, the creation of sustainable livelihoods for entrepreneurs, and the reduction of plastic waste in the community. This phase sets the stage for entrepreneurs to establish a self-subsidised plastic recycling business and drive social and environmental change.

In the Micro Friendchise phase, entrepreneurs explore micro-commercialisation of their plastic recycling business with the purchase of a business box costing R49,950. This level equips entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to manufacture secondary plastic products on a micro scale. Entrepreneurs can create more complex plastic items such as toys, buckets, and containers. U Can Company facilitates collaboration, mentorship, and marketing support to help entrepreneurs expand their operations and reach a wider customer base. By investing in the Micro Friendchise phase, organisations contribute to the growth of plastic recycling enterprises, job creation, and economic empowerment within the community. This phase fosters the development of a robust circular economy ecosystem and enables entrepreneurs to make a tangible impact on plastic waste management.

The Boza phase represents the pinnacle of the Plastic Recycling business’s growth journey. Entrepreneurs in this phase achieve full commercialisation and expand their operations on a macro scale with an investment of R100,000 or more. In this phase, entrepreneurs can scale their recycling capacity by incorporating more advanced machinery and equipment. They can produce plastic bags, pipes, and other commercial plastic products. The Boza phase allows the Plastic Recycling enterprise to create a significant positive impact on the environment, the local economy, and the community. By investing in this phase, organisations contribute to the creation of sustainable jobs, the reduction of plastic waste in landfills and oceans, and the promotion of a circular economy. This phase fosters an ecosystem where plastic recycling entrepreneurs can thrive and play a pivotal role in mitigating the environmental challenges associated with plastic pollution.

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