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Individuals can embark on their journey towards Popcorn Enterprise with a minimal financial contribution of R200
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In The Beginning phase, individuals can embark on their journey towards Popcorn Enterprise with a minimal financial contribution of R200. This phase emphasises commitment and dedication from the entrepreneur, serving as a foundation for progression to the next stage. Entrepreneurs can start by selling popcorn packets from their home with simple plastic or paper packaging to demonstrate business commitment. U Can Company plays a vital role by providing necessary support through our Fusion application. By minimising financial barriers, we enable more individuals to explore entrepreneurship, fostering an ecosystem of collaboration and mutual growth.

Once entrepreneurs have demonstrated their commitment and acquired essential skills, they can advance to the Starter Pack phase by investing R1000. The U Can Company continues to provide comprehensive support, equipping entrepreneurs with the resources they need to start and run their Popcorn Enterprise successfully. This phase lays the groundwork for sustainable growth and increased market presence. By investing in the Starter Pack phase, organisations contribute to the livelihoods of entrepreneurs and foster economic activities within the community.

The Micro Friendchise phase represents a significant milestone in the growth of Popcorn Enterprise. With an investment of R49,950, entrepreneurs can explore micro-commercialization strategies, such as expanding by opening multiple stores, diversifying service offerings, increasing the number of employees, or even selling franchise opportunities under their brand. This phase offers limitless expansion possibilities, creating employment opportunities and boosting economic development. Through our partnership with the League of Extraordinary Organisations, entrepreneurs gain access to a wide range of resources, fostering collaboration between emerging and established enterprises, and enhancing the flow of trade among market players.

The final phase, Boza, marks the full commercialisation of Popcorn Enterprise. By investing R250,000, entrepreneurs can expand their business beyond geographical boundaries, attracting a greater influx of customers and establishing a strong market presence. U Can Company continues to provide ongoing support, ensuring sustained growth and success. Investment in the Boza phase demonstrates a commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and contributing to the economic development of communities.

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