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An opportuity to start small for the community minded entrepreneur. Small start up financial outlay.
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In The Beginning phase, aspiring entrepreneurs can begin their journey in the Potholes Repair industry with little to no financial investment. This phase is all about showcasing commitment and resourcefulness. Entrepreneurs in The Beginning phase make use of nearby sand and waste (non-recyclable)to fill potholes, utilising improvised tools they can find to carry sand and cover the potholes. They display commitment by consistently monitoring the potholes and sweeping the sand back into the holes as it gets eroded by passing vehicles.

The U Can Company plays a crucial role by providing guidance, mentorship, and access to basic resources during The Beginning phase. We support entrepreneurs in developing their skills, understanding road repair techniques, and implementing best practices. Our team assists entrepreneurs in identifying potential partnerships with local suppliers for sand and exploring cost-effective solutions for tools and equipment. This phase not only empowers entrepreneurs but also has a positive impact on the community by improving road safety, reducing damage to vehicles, and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the area.

As entrepreneurs progress to the Starter Pack phase, they invest R15,000 to take their Potholes Repair business to the next level. The U Can Company stands by their side, offering financing options, additional resources, and mentorship. Entrepreneurs receive comprehensive training on advanced road repair techniques, access to quality materials, and guidance on business management. This phase enables entrepreneurs to expand their capabilities, enhance their service offerings, and establish a solid reputation as reliable providers of Potholes Repair services. The Starter Pack phase has a significant impact on the entrepreneur’s growth, as well as the community’s infrastructure and overall economic well-being.

The Micro Friendchise phase opens doors to endless opportunities for entrepreneurs in the Potholes Repair industry. With an investment of R49,000, entrepreneurs can explore micro-commercialisation by expanding their team, investing in better equipment, and further improving their service quality. The U Can Company continues to provide mentorship, access to capital for expansion, and assistance in creating a strong brand presence. Through collaboration and strategic growth, entrepreneurs contribute to job creation, economic development, and improved road infrastructure within their communities.

The Boza phase, entrepreneurs invest R250,000 to achieve full commercialisation and expand their Potholes Repair business beyond geographical boundaries. The U Can Company remains a trusted partner, providing access to resources, financing options, and mentorship to ensure successful expansion. Entrepreneurs operating at this phase experience a significant influx of demand, establishing themselves as industry leaders and driving economic activity in their region. By supporting entrepreneurs in the Boza phase, organisations contribute to fostering economic growth, creating sustainable livelihoods, and facilitating the development of robust road infrastructure across communities.

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