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Young entrepreneurs can set up a business by providing clean water solutions to their communities.
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The Water Prenure business begins its journey in The Beginning phase, where individuals from poor and low-income backgrounds can explore entrepreneurship by providing clean water solutions to their communities. U Can Company plays a pivotal role in this phase by offering support, tools, and resources to aspiring Water Prenures. With an initial investment of R650, entrepreneurs can start their enterprise using the P&G Purifier of Water, a powdered water purification technology that removes dirt and contaminants from unclean water. This cost-effective solution, made with ingredients used in municipal water treatment systems, provides visible results and increases user confidence. By investing in this phase, organisations contribute to the improvement of water quality, enhance community health, and empower entrepreneurs to create a sustainable income source while addressing the pressing need for clean water.

Phase 2: Starter Pack

After successfully completing The Beginning phase, entrepreneurs in the Water Prenure business progress to the Starter Pack phase, where U Can Company provides further support to help them scale their clean water initiatives. With an investment of R5000, entrepreneurs gain access to essential resources and tools required for larger-scale water purification and distribution. This phase includes equipping the project with P&G Purifier of Water packets, water filtration systems, storage containers, and marketing materials. The Starter Pack phase empowers entrepreneurs to expand their reach, serve more communities, and generate a sustainable income. By investing in this phase, organisations contribute to providing clean water access to underserved areas, improving community health, and fostering economic activities through the Water Prenure business.

Phase 3: Micro Friendchise

In the Micro Friendchise phase, entrepreneurs in the Water Prenure business explore micro-commercialization and expand their impact by opening multiple water distribution points or partnering with local businesses. U Can Company collaborates closely with entrepreneurs, providing guidance, resources, and support to establish a network of clean water supply points. With a cost investment of R49,950, entrepreneurs can acquire additional water purification systems, storage tanks, and infrastructure to enhance their distribution capabilities. This phase not only increases the entrepreneurs’ income potential but also creates employment opportunities and fosters economic growth within the community. By investing in the Micro Friendchise phase, organisations contribute to the development of a sustainable clean water ecosystem, addressing water scarcity, improving livelihoods, and making a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals and communities.

Phase 4: Boza

The Boza phase marks the final stage of the Water Prenure business’s growth journey, where it achieves full commercialization and expands its impact beyond geographical boundaries. U Can Company facilitates this expansion by equipping the project with all the necessary tools to harvest and supply up to 10,000 litres of water per day. This includes 5 x 5000L tanks, gutters for harvesting, water valves, taps, and a hippo roller for efficient water distribution. By extending the growing period of connected gardens to at least 9 months, the Water Prenure business enables farmers to maximise their yield, improve food security, and generate a sustainable livelihood. By investing in the Boza phase, organisations contribute to the development of a comprehensive water supply network, positively impacting the lives of entrepreneurs, farmers, and the wider community. This phase fosters economic growth, enhances food security, and creates an ecosystem where individuals support and grow one another.

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